Proven Ways Of Measuring The ROI Of Your Events.

Top event managers say that if your events are not enjoyable, it means you’re doing them wrong. However, when it comes to conduct conference or meeting, you cannot characterize them as fun. It should be informative and worth your guests’ time. Whether it is a live event or conference, by collecting data from event listing websites is one of the best ways of measuring a return on investment.
Measuring the right ROI depends on the goals of your event. It may include-
  • Creating awareness
  • Increasing conference registrations or ticket sales
  • Educating clients
  • Generating leads
  • Ensuring wide media coverage
  • Increasing digital engagement
Whatever your event goal is, it is very important to gather the data for calculating an event ROI. By evaluating data you can interpret that whether you meet your goals or not? You can also use the traditional equation of calculating ROI i.e.
Sales – Expenses = Revenue
However, while evaluating other branding goals, you need to take help from event registration software which you use for registration process.
Type of data you can collect from event registration sites:
  • A number of total attendees
  • A number qualified leads which you collected
  • Total product sales of the event
  • Total expenses
  • Attendee, sponsor and speaker survey responses
  • A number of like and shares on social media
  • Media impressions and reach
  • Evaluating traffic and conversions of event website
  • Advertising reach, impressions, and interactions
In order to success of any event, it is important to choose one of the best event registration sites. It allows you to collect attendees’ information which helps your sales team to generate more leads and convert them into customers.   


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